Factors affecting production capacity in mechanical processing plants

Production capacity is an important issue for a mechanical cnc machining factory. For the management of a mechanical processing plant, it is necessary to have a sufficient understanding of the company’s production capacity in order to choose a suitable business and develop at the fastest speed to make the company profitable. So, what are the factors that affect production capacity in a mechanical processing plant?

(1) Product factors

Product design has a huge impact on production capacity. If similar products are produced, the operating system's ability to produce such products is greater than the production capacity of subsequent products that are different. Generally speaking, the closer the output is, the more likely it is that its production methods and machining materials will be standardized, so that greater production capacity can be achieved. In addition, the specific product mix designed must also be considered, because different products have different yields.

(2) Personnel factors

The tasks that make up a job, the various personnel involved in the activity, and the training, skills, and experience required to perform a task have an important impact on potential and actual output. In addition, the motivation, absence and rolling of related personnel are also directly related to production capacity.

(3) Facilities factors

The design of production facilities, including the size of the plant and the space left for expansion is also a key influencing factor. Site factors, including transportation costs, distance from the market, labor supply, energy, and expansion space, are also very important factors. Similarly, the layout of the work area also determines whether the production operations can be executed smoothly.

(4) Process factors

Product process design is an obvious factor that determines production capacity, whether machining process design is reasonable to affect product quality. If the quality of the product cannot meet the standard, product inspection and rework will increase, resulting in a decrease in output.

(5) Operational factors

An organization’s scheduling problems caused by the contradiction in the production capacity of different equipment or the contradiction in the work requirements, the inventory reserve decision, the delay of shipment, the desirability of the purchased raw materials and components, and the quality inspection and process control are all right Effective production capacity has an impact.

(6) Other factors

Product standards, especially the minimum product quality standards, can limit the options for managers to increase and use production capacity. For example, in order to meet the pollution standards of products and equipment, companies often reduce effective production capacity.

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