How to carry out on-site material control in a mechanical processing plant

In actual production, some workshop directors and team leaders do not have the consciousness of saving, let alone implement this consciousness into action. Many grassroots workers do not pay attention to frugality in the production process, which is directly related to the lack of daily material management and employee training. So, how to carry out on-site material control?
The main reasons for waste are summarized as follows:
  • One is that managers are not proactive in doing things and always wait for the leader to speak. If the leader does not speak, he will not solve the problems that arise, resulting in waste.
  • The second is that the work does not grasp the key points, do not do what should be done, and do what should not be done.
  • The third is the lack of mutual coordination and communication. For example, the semi-finished piles were not pulled into the autoclave in time in the main production workshop or the finished piles were not pulled out of the autoclave in time at the site, and the boiler room still used the same amount. Coal, continue to send steam into the autoclave, causing a waste of resources.
  • Fourth, many managers do not do practical things and take the company's money for nothing. It is also a waste for the company.
  • The fifth is to cope with the work. Doing anything is just coping. Failure to complete the tasks assigned by the leader in time will also cause waste.
  • Sixth, work in violation of regulations.

How to carry out on-site material control?

1. The accessories

The accessories must be complete in the production process. For example, mold clamping screws. In some workshops, the tube mold lacks a few mold clamping screws or the mold clamping screws are worn out, but they are not replaced in time for saving. This is a wrong idea. On the surface, it is for The company saves auxiliary materials and reduces costs. In fact, it brings greater losses to the company. Because the defect of the clamping screw will cause quality problems, the pipe piles produced must be unqualified, so in essence, this is A waste.

2. Equipment management

Regular inspections, maintenance and maintenance should be carried out, and small problems should be discovered and solved in time. If the problems are enlarged and then solved, the cost may be doubled.

3. Cost savings can also be achieved through innovation and technological improvement

For example, the suspension type tensioning machine is now used, which has been greatly improved compared with before. If the original vertical axis tensioning machine is not adjusted properly during use, it is easy to tension at an angle, resulting in easy screw After being stretched and bent, almost 500 screws are used a year. Through technological improvement, there is no need to use so many screws now, saving the company hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs every year.
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