Infineon FP75R12KT4_B16

Infineon FP75R12KT4_B16
#FP75R12KT4_B16 Infineon FP75R12KT4_B16 New 1200 V 75 A PIM three phase input rectifier IGBT module, FP75R12KT4_B16 pictures, FP75R12KT4_B16 price, #FP75R12KT4_B16 supplier

EconoPIM™ 3 1200 V, 75 A three phase PIM IGBT module with fast TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT4, Emitter Controlled 4 diode and NTC. Also available with Thermal Interface Material. The PIM (Power Integrated Modules) with integration of rectifier and brake chopper enables system cost savings. They are available in Econo 2 and Econo 3 housing and also available with Solder- or PressFIT pins. 
Summary of Features
Low stray inductance module design
High reliability and power density
Copper base plate for optimized heat spread
Solderable pins
Low switching losses
High switching frequency
RoHS-compliant modules
Compact module concept
Optimized customer’s development cycle time and cost
Configuration flexibility
Motor control and drives
Residential aircon - motor-, system control and monitoring
Servo motor

1200 V 75 A PIM three phase input rectifier IGBT module