Mitsubishi PM150CS1D060

Mitsubishi PM150CS1D060
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Inverter + Drive & Protection IC
 • 3 phase 150A/600V CSTBT
(The Current senser and the thermal senser with a build-in CSTBT.)
 • Monolithic gate drive & protection logic
• Detection, protection & status indication circuits for, shortcircuit, over-temperature & under-voltage
Collector-Emitter Voltage VCES 600V
Collector Current ±IC 150A
Collector Current (Peak) ±ICP 300A
Collector Dissipation PC 595W
Junction Temperature Tj –20~+150°C
Supply Voltage VCIN 20V
Fault Output Supply Voltage VFO 20V
Fault Output Current IFO 20mA
Supply Voltage Protected by SC VCC(PROT) 400V
Supply Voltage (Surge) VCC(surge) 500V
Storage Temperature –40~+125°C
Isolation Voltage Viso 60Hz, Sinusoidal, Charged part to Base, AC 1 min.2500V

3 phase 150A/600V CSTBT