Fuji 1DI200Z-120

Fuji 1DI200Z-120
#1DI200Z-120 Fuji 1DI200Z-120 New 1200V1600V / 60A, 1DI200Z-120 pictures, 1DI200Z-120 price, #1DI200Z-120 supplier
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· High speed switching
· Voltage drive
· Low inductance module structure
· Inverter for Motor drive
· AC and DC Servo drive amplifier
· Uninterruptible power supply
· Industrial machines, such as Welding machines
Absolute maximum ratings (at Tc=25°C unless otherwise specified)
Collector-Emitter voltage VCES 1200V
Gate-Emitter voltaga VGES 1200V
Collector Continuous IC 200A
current 1ms IC pulse 400A
Max. power dissipation PC 1400W
Operating temperature Tj +150°C
Storage temperature Tstg -40 to +125°C

1200V1600V / 60A