FUJI 6MBI75L-060

FUJI 6MBI75L-060
#6MBI75L-060 FUJI 6MBI75L-060 New 2MBI400L-060 600V / 400A 2 in one-package , 6MBI75L-060 pictures, 6MBI75L-060 price, #6MBI75L-060 supplier
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6MBI75L-060 Description

.High Speed Switching
.Low Saturation Voltage
.Voltage Drive
.Inverter for Motor Drive
.AC and DC Servo Drive Amplifier
.Uninterruptible Power Supply
.Industrial Machines,such as Welding Machines
Maximum Ratings and Characteristics

.Asbsolute Maximum Ratings
Collector-base voltage Vces: 600V

Gate-Emitter Voltage Vges:±20 V
Collector Current IC:75 A
Collector Current (Pulse)* ICM:150 A
Power Device Junction Temperature Tj:150°C
Storage Temperature Tstg:-40 to 125 °C
Net.Weight: 510g
Isolation Voltage AC.1min. Vjsol:2500V

Fuji Electric 6-Pack IGBTModule: 15A 1200V

2MBI400L-060 600V / 400A 2 in one-package