Mitsubishi CM300YE2N-12F

Mitsubishi CM300YE2N-12F
#CM300YE2N-12F Mitsubishi CM300YE2N-12F New TLI-Series (Three Level Inverter) IGBT 300 Amperes/600 Volts, CM300YE2N-12F pictures, CM300YE2N-12F price, #CM300YE2N-12F supplier

CM300YE2N-12F Description:
The TLI-Series has been designed for three level (neutral point clamped) topologies in applications requiring high efficiency operation and improved output waveform quality. They also provide significant benefits in applications where low output noise using small filter components is required or where long motor leads create Standing Wave Ratio (SWR) voltage surge issues.
. Smaller Output Voltage Steps Reducing Surge Voltage
. Low Output Ripple Current
.Lower Modulation Frequency With Same Quality Output Waveform
. Three Level Inverter Topologies
. Solar Power Inverters
. High Efficiency UPS
. Long Motor Lead Applications

TLI-Series (Three Level Inverter) IGBT 300 Amperes/600 Volts