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Actions  ATC2603A
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The ATC2603A is a versatile, low-cost, voltage-mode PWM controller designed for 16V input DC/DC power supply applications. A simple, fixed-voltage boost regulator can be implemented using the ATC2603A with a minimum of external components. The small device footprint allows for compact circuit design.
ATC2603A features include a temperature compensated voltage reference, triangle wave oscillator, current limit
comparator, frequency shift over-current protection, and an internally compensated error amplifier. Pulse by pulse
current limiting is implemented by sensing the differential voltage across an external resistor, or an appropriately sized PC board trace.
The ATC2603A operates at a fixed frequency of 200kHz, providing an optimum compromise between efficiency,
external component size, and cost.
. Low cost / small size
.Switch mode efficiency up to 95%
.1% reference voltage accuracy
.Over-current protection
.800mA output drive
.5V to 16V input power source
.No need for external compensation network
.SOT23-6 is fully WEEE and RoHS compliant

ATC2603A 5V to 16V input power source