HIGGSTEC T121S-5RB014N-0A18R0-200FH

HIGGSTEC T121S-5RB014N-0A18R0-200FH
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Screen Size: 12.1"  
Supply Voltage Max: 5VDC  
Operating Temperature Min: -10°C

The T121S-5RA006N-0A18R0-200FH is a 12.1-inch 5-wire resistive Touch Panel with 6.4 version. Resistive touch panel (RTP) is one of the most adopted technology. The 5-Wire RTP is the best option in durability and reliability. The most noticeable advantage of the 5-Wire RTP is that both the X and Y axes are detected on the lower layer, while the upper layer is used as loop conduction. Therefore, it allows to keep stability, sensitivity and accuracy even in severe environment. Good loop conduction and controller matching and remain good function even if the surface is broken.
Durable in extreme environment
High temperature process
Soldering process for connection part
Precise linearity, stable and no drifting
Multi-input (fingers, stylus)
Long lifecycle
Slim border design
Metering, Test & Measurement, Automation & Process Control  

HIGGSTEC 12.1 inch Touchscreen