Toshiba MG100Q2YS1

Toshiba MG100Q2YS1
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MG100Q2YS1 Description

MG100Q2YS1 is the best IGBT GTR Module to amplify the performance of your high power switching application. Manufactured by Toshiba, it is a Silicon N channel IGBT that weighs a light weight of 0.98 lbs. with a collector emitter voltage of 1200V and a collector current amount of 100A.

MG100Q2YS1 has special features that can transform a low quality high power switching application into a juggernaut device. One of these features is its high input impedance. This means that its electrical impedance is faster compared to other modules.

Two standout features of this device are its low saturation voltage and enhancement mode. The low saturation voltage indicates that this device only requires less voltage when being utilized under saturation conditions. The enhancement mode, on the other hand, is the one that makes it reliable and durable to use whether being operated on light or heavy operations.

High-efficiency, durability, and cost-effectiveness are benefits you can get once you use MG100Q2YS1.

MG100Q2YS1  0.98 lbs


MG100Q2YS1 could be used in High Power Switching Applications Motor Control Applications


Toshiba Semiconductor [GTR Module Silicon N Channel IGBT High Power Switching Applications Motor Control Applications]
IGBT: 100A1200V