About the technical characteristics and superiority of Jetta cars


The method of stepping on the clutch to slow down the vehicle will not only waste the energy of the engine, but also easily damage the transmission, especially the input bearing of the transmission. To know that the Jetta car transmission and differential should be checked for the lack of refrigerant in the air-conditioning system. Clogging of the air-conditioning radiator can also lead to insufficient cold air in the air-conditioning refrigeration system. In this case, remove the dirt on the radiator in time. Do not rinse with water when removing dirt, especially high-pressure water guns. The water gun can be cleaned with a washing machine, but pay attention to the impact on the painted surface. The degree of influence depends on the structure of the washing machine, the filtering state of the washing water, the types of cleaning agents and maintenance agents, and so on. If the paint surface is found to be darkened or scratched after cleaning, especially the scratches should be repaired in time to avoid rust. After the integral structure is damaged, it is troublesome and expensive to repair.

Do not store lighters and flammable and explosive items in the compartment when lLl fragile and easy-to-think products cause a fire and stop. These flammable and explosive materials can easily cause deflagration and cause fires in the sun and just after parking. It should be noted that when using the cigarette lighter, you must be careful not to cause fire damage due to temporary negligence even after the ignition switch is turned off. The cigarette lighter is still working when the ignition key is removed, so when you leave the car, you should check whether the cigarette lighter bounces back. Otherwise, the failed cigarette lighter will burn the entire car circuit.

Air-conditioning system If the air-conditioning system of the Jetta car can be used normally, its performance is superior to that of similar models. The air conditioner is an integrated air-conditioning system for refrigeration and heating, which ensures that the temperature in the car is always in an appropriate state, but the refrigeration system of the air-conditioning can work normally at the following two points, and the engine is running. The ambient temperature is higher than +2OC. The refrigeration system not only reduces the temperature inside the car. And can reduce the air humidity in the car to remove the fog generated on the windows of the high temperature outside the car. Generally speaking, after using the Jetta car for 3 or 4 years, it is a very normal phenomenon that there is insufficient air-conditioning or the failure of cold and hot.

At this time, the result of washing will cause the radiator to fall over. In severe cases, the radiator will be scrapped. The normal cleaning method is to blow with compressed air. In fact, when the summer comes, FAW-Volkswagen special service station will serve many Jetta users for free. Pinjieda’s ten-year history of use and maintenance. The clutch system of the Clutch Lined Brake Jetta is a maintenance-free clutch, so there is no need to adjust its design, which is reasonable in design, flexible in use and convenient in maintenance. However, you should also pay attention to the correct use when operating the clutch. For example, when the driver is driving normally, do not put his foot on the clutch pedal to avoid pressure friction between the release bearing and the pressure plate spring. Cause the clutch to slip. Many car owners use only 50,000 km to replace the clutch plates and pressure plates and other accessories, in fact, it is not the quality of the clutch plates.

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