Application of micro lubrication processing in gear processing

Quasi-dry machining is a new type of machining method that replaces traditional lubrication and cooling methods with micro-lubrication.It has been applied in some enterprises.Under quasi-dry cutting conditions, the cutting process is different from traditional wet cutting. For example, the feed speed, cutting depth and cutting speed are different from traditional cutting, which is mainly manifested in the cutting edge of the cutting tool generally using negative chamfering to protect the cutting edge. ; The cutting principle involves a wider range of factors.At present, the theoretical basis of quasi-dry cutting is far less mature than the traditional metal cutting theory, and it is difficult to use a theory to analyze the processing mechanism of quasi-dry cutting.

Hobbing has a certain particularity to its cutting motion, but it has something in common with regard to dry cutting processing theory and cutting mechanism.Its cutting theories include: green cutting theory, metal softening theory during cutting, low temperature brittleness and improved cutting cooling.The specific contents include: (1) Theoretical analysis of cutting force when the cutting tool edge is worn and when it is not worn; (2) The reason for the generation of sawtooth chips; (3) The effect of metal softening; (4) The roughness quality of the machined surface ; (5) MQL cooling and lubricating effect.Surrounding these theories and specific content can guide us to better apply quasi-dry machining to gear hobbing, so as to achieve a good machining effect, a longer cutting tool life, and a clean machining environment.

In order to achieve a good machining effect, the general idea of ​​using quasi-dry cutting in gear hobbing is to increase the cutting speed, shorten the contact time between the cutting tool and the workpiece, and allow the chips to take away a large amount of cutting heat; supplemented by low-temperature cold air And micro lubrication technology.Adopting this kind of thinking is mainly based on the fact that most of the cutting energy will be converted into heat energy, and it is expected that the heat will be quickly taken away by the chips, and the heat conducted to the cutting tool and the workpiece will be minimized.In this way, it is beneficial to extend the life of the cutting tool and reduce the thermal expansion of the workpiece.During high-speed gear hobbing, even under ideal conditions, a small amount of cutting heat is absorbed by the cutting tool. In the current application, the cutting heat of the cutting tool is cooled by compressed air, and the heat dissipation effect is obvious. If it is combined with low-temperature cold air, Will achieve better processing results.

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