How do customers choose a five-axis processing business for agricultural equipment

The machining of machine tools without a numerical control system in the past always required manual point control. In fact, it seems that the precision operation requirements are far from meeting the high standards. However, the current five-axis machining of agricultural equipment can be supported by technology. Successfully complete the automated processing, realize the planned tool path in advance and strengthen the intelligent control of the point during the implementation process.

1. Look at processing efficiency

Choosing a reputable five-axis processing manufacturer for agricultural equipment can often relieve customers, because such businesses are equipped with more advanced machinery and equipment, which can complete most of the customer’s processing needs and deliver them to customers accurately. The importance of credibility when choosing a business is actually the guarantee of efficiency. Sometimes the business is required to have enough strength to ensure that it can be completed according to the requirements as soon as the construction period is over. The business on both sides can not be delayed.

2. Look at merchant services

In fact, if you look carefully, you can still find five-axis processing of agricultural equipment at a reasonable price, and the service consciousness of the merchants is strong enough to capture the needs of customers during the whole process. This kind of service allows customers to feel relieved. In manufacturing and design, we are constantly pursuing the development of new sports processing modes, and we have not forgotten to improve the service level to meet market demand.

3. Look at the price positioning

Regardless of the details of the five-axis processing of good agricultural equipment, the overall feedback effect is at the upper-middle level, at least not too bad, because the overall development of the business with a better operation management model is The optimization technology has reduced a large part of the cost, and the follow-up modelized large-volume orders will be used to serve the public. Naturally, the price given to customers is relatively favorable. Such a commercial positioning is relatively scarce in the current competition.

Once the five-axis machining programming abstraction of agricultural equipment and the difficulty of operation have caused many traditional CNC personnel to feel a headache, now the improved processing technology can ensure the effect of the finished product and reduce the working hours to improve the operating efficiency. This is naturally a joint effort of many aspects. As a result, today’s customers choose a more diversified solution for processing, and this company has more opportunities to find another home.

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