Model changes promote the renewal of auto parts


Compared with the old Jiefang and Dongfeng Motors, the current models are full of flowers. Although these changes have given people more choices, they have also brought a lot of difficulties to the supply of auto parts. Various models have been replaced many times within a few years, and even a series has several generations, and many of its accessories are not universal.

The supply of auto parts has a huge relationship with the production and operation of the company. Insufficient supply will affect production, excessive inventory, and backlog of funds. In response to these situations, we focus on the market mechanism in our actual work, explore a reasonable balance between the supply and demand of auto parts, and establish a supply and demand mechanism suitable for the market economy and our own characteristics, so that the supply of auto parts can serve the production and operation of the enterprise.

There are many problems in the supply of auto parts for enterprises in today’s market economy. The main manifestations are: poor planning. Now the demand for parts is very unbalanced, mainly due to lack of planning. In the monthly maintenance plan, only the number of overhaul, second warranty, third warranty, and vehicles are indicated. The specific major or key accessories are required to be removed after the vehicle undergoes further training. The degree of damage to the vehicle is reported as a temporary spare parts plan, and these plans cannot be in place at once, or divided into the second and third batches. This adds a lot of difficulty to the procurement work, especially for the parts purchased outside the province. Just longer. Funds are tight. It is not surprising that people owe me and I owe people. The current funds owed by my unit has reached more than 800,000 yuan. Sometimes the urgently-needed parts are provided with good sources, but there is no funds. After all possible means to obtain funds, the sources of goods ran away. The warehouse conditions are poor. Due to the large number of models, the spare parts warehouse is relatively crowded, and the lifting and unloading capacity is insufficient.

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