Summer car air conditioning maintenance method

Summer is here, and the car air conditioner is the owner's intimate partner, but if you don't understand it and don't maintain it properly, this intimate partner will often play anger and even hurt the owner's body. And the car air conditioner is easy to be damaged during the peak period*, so we must pay attention to the reasonable use of the car air conditioner, and do a good job in the maintenance of the car air conditioner.

Comprehensively check the air conditioner When you use the air conditioner for the first time in summer, you should check the air conditioner system first. For example, check whether the refrigerant fluid and the air conditioner filter element are dirty through the liquid storage tank, and whether there is foreign matter on the radiator.

Pay attention to the cleaning of the air conditioner. Don't wait until the air conditioner is not effective before you think about cleaning the air conditioner. The air conditioner filter should be replaced regularly, because there are more dust in the spring of Zhengzhou and the catkins will fly. These will stick to the filter, which is easy. Bacteria grow and the air conditioner produces a musty smell, so it is best to replace it once a year after spring. In addition, the condenser must be cleaned regularly, and the water tank must be removed for thorough cleaning.

After parking, do not turn off the air conditioner. Generally, car owners turn off the air conditioner and door and leave directly after arriving at the destination. In the hot summer, the huge temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car will cause the air-conditioning system to become moldy, which in turn breeds mold. Therefore, the car owner should turn off the air conditioner a few minutes before arriving at the destination, and turn on the natural wind, so that the temperature in the air-conditioning duct will rise, eliminate the temperature difference with the outside, so as to keep the air-conditioning system relatively dry and avoid mold growth.

Regularly open high air volume Some car owners do not like the noise made when the air conditioner is turned on to high gear, so they rarely or never turn on the air conditioner to high air volume. However, when the air conditioner is in use, a lot of dust will be sucked in. Regular high wind can blow out the floating dust on the inner surface of the air duct of the air conditioner. This is a simple way to keep the air conditioner clean. In addition, a dedicated air duct cleaning fluid should be used for sterilization, cleaning and deodorization.

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