The importance of laser cladding coatings in exhaust valves

The effect of coating thickness on surface and internal quality is the result of different coating thicknesses treated with different powers. Under the condition of constant coating thickness, the change of power has little effect on the quality of the cladding layer. When the power is the same, the surface quality and internal quality of the cladding layer will change greatly when the thickness of the coating is changed. When the power is in the range of 1.8kW~2.0kW and the coating thickness is 1mm~2mm, a good cladding layer can be obtained.

When the coating thickness is 3mm, continue to increase the laser power to change the quality of the cladding layer. However, in actual work, the power of the equipment cannot be increased indefinitely, and the thickness of the coating is not as thick as possible according to the working characteristics of the valve. In actual production, it should also be considered that after laser cladding, post-grinding should be carried out. Therefore, the appropriate thickness of the exhaust valve laser cladding coating is 2mm, which can not only meet the working conditions of the valve, but also ensure the stability of the process.

The influence of adhesive on the quality of the cladding layer During the pre-coating process of the valve, the adhesive has a significant influence on the quality of the cladding layer. The adhesive should firstly ensure good bonding performance and certain high temperature resistance, and there should be no splashing and peeling during the heating process. The adhesive must also be easy to volatilize, does not damage the performance of the cladding layer, is conducive to the formation of the cladding layer, and does not contain moisture.

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