Three types of analysis of car lamp modification

The modification of car lights has always been a popular topic in the modification industry. Modifying the car lights is nothing more than three points: to see the clear and dark roads, to improve the safety of driving at night, and to reduce the difficulty of driving at night; to increase the life of the lights and reduce the occurrence of lamp failures; to make the car cooler and more personalized. Out of the ordinary. I think most modified riders still value the third point in their hearts.

The modification of    car lights is also divided into three levels:

Primary modification: white light halogen bulb and high-power halogen bulb modification cost: 60 yuan-300 yuan modification effect: not obvious

Intermediate modification: Xenon-filled light bulb modification cost: 300 yuan-800 yuan Modification effect: general

**Modification: Hid xenon lamp modification cost: 2,000 yuan -10,000 yuan Modification effect: excellent

The main modification parts of the modified xenon lamp have three points:

Replace the halogen bulb with a xenon bulb

Advantages: Since xenon bulbs suitable for halogen bulbs such as H7, H4, H3, H1, HB3, HB4, etc. have been introduced on the market, it can be applied to almost all models.

Disadvantages: On the one hand, because the size and size of the xenon bulb and the original halogen bulb are not the same, the light-emitting part must deviate from the focus position, which will cause serious negative effects such as non-focusing, no correct high beam function, and even Will cause the chance of dazzling cars to increase hundreds of times. On the other hand, because the circuit of the original car is changed, once the product quality problem occurs, it is likely to cause a short circuit and fire.

Replace the headlight assembly

Advantages: This modification method mainly uses the original supporting xenon headlights, that is, the xenon light source is combined with the specially designed light distribution mirror and reflector, so it becomes the most ideal modification method.

Disadvantages: expensive.

Install xenon auxiliary lights on the front or roof

Advantages: This modification is relatively flexible. Users can choose suitable products according to the front wall shape of the vehicle and their own preferences, choose a reasonable installation location for installation, and meet individual needs. Xenon auxiliary lights are mainly high beams, and the outer diameter is generally as small as 80-90 mm and as large as 200 mm. They can be suitable for trucks, off-road vehicles, cars and other different models.

Disadvantages: There are certain size requirements for the front bumper and grille of the vehicle, which need to be carefully measured before modification.

Many riders are blindly looking for coolness and personality, and have fallen into the misunderstanding of modification. In fact, the brighter the headlights, the better.

mistakenly believed that the brighter the light bulb, the better, so the lamp modification was carried out. There are two specific methods: increase the power of the original car’s bulbs and modify the xenon headlights. However, these methods also have hidden dangers to varying degrees.

The wattage of the bulb increases, the current and heat increase exponentially, which easily leads to the aging of the lamp and the acceleration of the lamp cap melting, and also brings an excessive burden to the generator, fuse, and battery. Many spontaneous combustion vehicles are caused by this increased power modification. Therefore, lighting experts basically do not recommend that you use this method to brighten your car lights. At present, there is a normal power (55W-60W) upgraded halogen bulb on the market, such as Philips Aurora and Night Aurora car lights, which are high-brightness bulbs produced through high-tech processes without changing the power. It is worth noting that another advantage of these light bulbs is that they fully comply with national regulations and will not cause obstacles to the other party’s driving.

Xenon headlight modification also has hidden dangers. Xenon lamps are actually just a general term, because the HIDs on the market that sell for 1,500 yuan domestically produced to tens of thousands of yuan imported are called xenon lamps, but the quality is uneven. The low-cost high-voltage package and modified cable set damage the original lamps and electrical systems to a large extent. In addition, due to the high intensity of the xenon lamp, the scattered high-brightness lights are likely to cause traffic accidents. Therefore, for car owners with high brightness requirements, it is usually recommended to use an upgraded halogen bulb or choose a quality-guaranteed brand xenon headlight combination kit.

In addition, considering that many young people like white light and suffer from the unbearable price of regular brand xenon headlights, many international brands have introduced white-light upgraded halogen bulbs in the Chinese market. These products are equipped with ordinary halogen headlights in the factory. In comparison, the color, brightness and lifespan have been greatly improved, and the price is much lower than the xenon headlights. For example, the blue diamond light and the silver warrior upgraded halogen headlights that many car owners love are compared with their 4200K xenon headlights. It is more than 80% cheaper, economical and elegant, and has become the new favorite of young car owners.

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