Vehicle inspection and maintenance work must be done before self-driving tour

Self-driving travel is a very popular way of vacation nowadays. The Dragon Boat Festival holiday is coming soon, and it is another hot period for self-driving travel. It is a great time to bring your wife and bring friends and call friends. However, don’t forget to make preparations before departure. Among them, vehicle inspection is essential.

Then, how to do a good job in vehicle inspection and maintenance?

1. Power system

Check the engine oil and water tank level. If it is an automatic transmission model, it is also necessary to check whether the transmission mailbox is missing. If it is excessively consumed, it should be refilled in time.

If the self-driving trip is long, it is best to change the engine oil, because the engine’s high temperature work for several days may cause the oil to deteriorate. Also need to pay attention to whether the engine belt is loose. If you need to clean the engine and radiator on the way, remember to go to a professional car dealer for professional cleaning.

2, chassis system

The continuous impact on the chassis caused by the journey may change the four-wheel alignment, resulting in abnormal tire wear, so don’t forget to do a four-wheel alignment for your car according to the situation when you come back from the journey. If it vibrates all the way, it may damage the steering system. Check whether the steering gear ball head is loose. The screws of the chassis part should also be checked and tightened.

3, tire condition

Measure the tire pressure to keep the same tire pressure for all four wheels; ensure that the tires have the same running friction to ensure safe driving.

4, brake system

This is very important. Check carefully before departure. If there is an abnormal noise when you step on the brakes, you must go to a professional store to check and replace the brake pads. If braking occurs during driving, you must pay attention to it, and don’t get lucky.

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