What are the Advantages of Aluminum Casing?

The following Xiaobian for your explanation:

First, the elastic coefficient is small, the collision friction can not spark, just the best performance in the automotive process.

Second, there is no metal pollution, no toxicity, and the surface oxide layer has no volatile metals.

Three, compared with other metal material density is small and light weight.

Fourth, the plasticity is strong, the production is good, has the very good advantage for the production.

Five, the use of hot, cold two kinds of processing, has a strong corrosion resistance.

Six, have good casting performance.

Seven, the global aluminum content is very high, abundant reserves.

Eight, has a good ductility, can be made with a lot of metal elements light alloy, quality material.

Nine, the surface treatment performance is good.

Stable chemical properties, non-magnetic, can be recycled repeatedly, is a benign recyclable metal material.

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