What are the processes for five-axis processing of agricultural equipment

The use of five-axis machining can give full play to the effects of tools. The traditional cutting environment can be improved by rotating the worktable, and the accuracy of the machined surface can be improved. For some complex parts, five-axis machining can reduce special tools, avoid interference, and save money. At a certain cost, it can also reduce the number of clamping and improve the accuracy of parts processing. Using this processing method can simplify the production process, and some complex workpieces can be easily processed, so many manufacturers use this equipment to produce products. So what are the processes for five-axis processing of agricultural equipment?

1. Modeling

Before processing, we must design the parts according to the requirements. We can determine the size of the equipment by collecting relevant information. We need to design the structure according to the customer’s needs. After the modeling is completed, we must send it to the customer for confirmation and improve it based on feedback.

2. Generate tool path

After confirming the size and shape of the five-axis processing of agricultural equipment, we can use the software to generate the tool path, as long as we design the relevant parameters, in addition to checking whether it is reasonable, the software can also simulate the tool path Deal with it and confirm that it will not cause over-cutting, under-cutting, collisions, etc. If the simulation is unsuccessful, choose to adjust the parameters.

3. Processing

After confirming the tool path, you need to export the programming before you can use it. Before processing, we need to make preparations, select the appropriate blank according to the size and shape of the workpiece, and then select the appropriate Cnc Machine. The processing equipment must be cleaned and maintained before starting. Ensure that it can work normally, and you can start processing after importing the programming.

Five-axis machining has certain advantages. Many manufacturers will use this equipment, which does not require manual operation and can ensure the safety of staff. As long as regular inspection and maintenance are required, the processing process is not complicated, as long as the software is designed Good models and tool paths can be used after they are imported into the five-axis processing equipment. Before the five-axis processing of agricultural equipment, we must do a safety check to prevent accidents. After the processing is completed, we must make appropriate adjustments according to the accuracy of the parts.

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