What is CNC? What is a CNC Machining Center?

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The full name is "Computer numerical control",commonly known as "CNC",automated machined tools are digitally controlled by computer.That is to say,as long as it is controlled by computer numerical automation machine tools can be called CNC.Including CNC turning,machining center,CNC wire-electrode cutting,CNC punch ,CNC laser cutting,etc.Many people mistakenly think that CNC is CNC machining center,the answer is not accurate,

CNC turning machining(Mainly processing cylindrical parts)

CNC machining center(Mainly processing mold,plane and curved types parts)

CNC laser cutting machine(Mainly processing metal sheet)

CNC wire-electrode cutting(To cut various conductive materials by discharging copper wires)

Through the tool cutting blanks processed into semi-finished finished parts of the three-axis Cnc Machine tool is called CNC milling or CNC machining center.The difference between of them is whether there is an automatic tool change device(some people call it to CNC gongs).

Machining center with tool changing device

Applicable materials:basically suitable for all materials,such as plastic,metal, wood, glass,ceramic and synthetic materials.


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