Why are outdoor titanium products so popular?

Titanium has a lower density than conventional stainless steel. A 550 ml titanium kettle weighs only 99 grams, and the quality of a stainless steel bottle of the same size is about twice that of a pure titanium bottle. Lighter devices usually mean higher efficiency on the move. Applying pure titanium products to outdoor activities can significantly reduce the burden on passengers. Pure titanium is extremely durable and is comparable to stainless steel, which is far superior to the same lightweight aluminum products. Climbing is inevitable and the kettle remains, even if it falls on a stone. In special cases, a pure titanium kettle can even serve as an emergency aid.

Outdoor titanium products

The surface of pure titanium products has a dense oxide film. Well adapted to various environments at room temperature. Therefore, no spray is required. Pure titanium kettle has excellent corrosion resistance. In outdoor weak acid or weakly alkaline environments, pure titanium kettles can also cope with it, and in rivers, rain, rocks and vegetation, pure titanium kettles can be brought into direct contact without corrosion. Since the whole body of the kettle is unpainted, the kettle has a unique gray color of pure titanium products and can also be heated directly at the source of the fire.

Pure titanium kettle

For example, the kettle lid is made of pure titanium and rubber. Pure titanium caps have better performance in terms of corrosion resistance and product health. Pure titanium products are completely harmless to the human body, so you can use pure titanium containers to heat water and food. The pure titanium cover does not have a heat insulating function and is suitable for outdoor use.

The pure titanium belt weighs about 109 grams. A stainless steel belt of the same size weighs about 1.5 times as much as a pure titanium belt. Titanium belts are made of high density nylon wire with light weight, high strength, soft touch and good wear resistance properties.

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