Emissions at idling speed are significantly higher than those of gasoline


Analysis of gasoline engine test results During the idle emission test, the operating conditions of the gasoline engine are basically the same as those of gasoline. It can be seen from the test data that the emissions at idling speed are significantly higher than those of gasoline. Compared with the curve gasoline in the gasoline without the device, for the Shanghai device, due to the special structure of the mixer, the airflow at the entrance of the carburetor is improved. The power has been significantly improved, but the fuel consumption has risen slightly. From the adjustment process of the test, it can also be known that through the adjustment of the fuel intake volume of different devices, as long as the air supply volume is sufficient, its power performance can reach the same level as that of gasoline, but the result will be Engine economy and emission performance are significantly worse. Economics It can be seen from the load characteristic curve of the engine that under the same conditions, the consumption and consumption rate are about 10% lower than that of gasoline. It can be seen from the load characteristics that the consumption and consumption under various operating conditions The consumption rate is lower than that of gasoline, which has more practical significance for the economy of dual-fuel vehicles.

Theoretically, the fuel consumption and the power of the engine should be complementary to each other, and the change in heat should be basically the same. The calorific value is approximately higher than that of gasoline and the air-fuel ratio value is generally higher than that of gasoline. Therefore, if the engine’s power performance is not considered to have a certain degree of decline, the economics of burning LPG are more obvious. When the throttle opening increases and the performance is better, the gas consumption quality is basically the same as that of gasoline, but sometimes larger, the intake air volume increases, and the combustion situation tends to be stable, although the volume will be slightly higher at lower speeds. It will drop and remain at a low level, but after reaching a high load, the emission performance will be increased from the load emission characteristic curve as the mixture becomes more enriched. However, the emission at low load is higher than that of gasoline, and the engine speed will always change the load difference. The emissions during combustion are not always about 50% higher than gasoline than gasoline under different working conditions. Regardless of the medium and high load, most of the fuel emissions are gasoline, which is very low at low load, and is higher than gasoline at high load and all. At this time, the amount will increase sharply due to the mixed load in this section.

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