Environmental Analysis of Vehicle Electronic Control System


With the rapid development of electronic technology, especially the increasing maturity of automotive electronic technology, foreign lubricant supply vehicles are developing from mechanical to mechatronics. New lubricant supply vehicles on the market generally use computer control technology. In the past two years, computer control technology has been widely used in China’s new fueling truck projects, but the computer control of lubricating oil supply trucks is still a blank in China.

On-board electronic control system environment analysis When the lubricating oil supply vehicle is working, the electronic control system is in a very complex and harsh environment. For this reason, we first analyze the working environment of the lubricating oil supply vehicle.

The strong vibration environment of off-road operation. Vehicles, especially military vehicles, usually run on off-road roads. The electronic control system is in strong three-dimensional random vibration. Although the vehicle is generally in a stopped state when the electronic control system is working, the engine speed changes from low to low. High-speed changes, the electronic control system works in a variable frequency scanning vibration environment, and must undergo special anti-vibration treatment.

Main functions The new lubricating oil supply vehicle adopts electronic control technology, and its functions and various performance indicators have been greatly improved.

Fully automatic operation function for various tasks The main operation functions of the new lubricating oil supply truck have been expanded from 8 items to 13 items, all of which can be completed by the computer by clicking on the touch screen, such as left gun refueling, right gun refueling, double gun refueling, pipe refueling , Pipe-loaded oil, warehouse-loaded oil, mobile pumping station, circulating mixing, left gun withdrawing oil, right gun withdrawing oil, double gun withdrawing oil, pipe withdrawing oil, electric heating.

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