Introduction of car windshield maintenance method

The car windshield glass can determine whether the driver's vision is clear or not. In summer and winter, due to complex weather conditions, the windshield glass is prone to mirror blur or chaotic reflections. It is easy for the driver to drive at night or in bad weather. Line of sight affects driving safety. In the case of a lot of rain in summer, there will be a lot of shellac like flying insects or traces left by rain on the glass surface. In winter, some rain and snow can easily cause frost on the mirror surface. These problems seem simple, but It is not simple to deal with.

1. Reasonable use of glass water

There are many types of glass water on the domestic market, but they are mainly divided into three types: summer glass water, winter antifreeze glass water and special effect antifreeze glass water. Among them, the glass water used in summer is mainly used to remove the insect residues on the mirror surface; the winter antifreeze glass water is mainly to ensure that when the temperature is lower than minus 20 ℃, the automobile parts will not be damaged by freezing; the special antifreeze glass water is It is mainly used in particularly cold areas in the north to ensure that the car does not freeze even at minus 40°C.

In the usual glass maintenance process, we must choose the appropriate glass water according to the specific conditions of the season and weather. When we find the surface of the windshield glass is blurred, it will be brighter if we clean it with a suitable glass water .If you find the problem of chaotic reflection of glass at night, you can also wipe it with glass water.In addition, the glass water will be used very quickly when running at a high speed or with a lot of dust, so pay attention to inject new glass water immediately.

Some car owners think that washing the glass is just cleaning and decontamination, so they use washing powder or detergent instead of glass water. Some car owners are cheaper and directly use clean water instead. These are hidden dangers. There are some deposits in chemical detergents such as washing powder, which will easily corrode the rubber tube over time, and will block the spray nozzle, and in severe cases will damage the motor. The general detergent will also continue to corrode the rubber tube and accelerate the hardening of the catalyzed wiper rubber strip. When the hardened rubber strip scratches the windshield, it will accelerate the surface of the windshield to be shaved and scratched. If the wiper is replaced again, the cost will be dozens of times the price of glass water. Although ordinary clean water is very clean, there are many chemical residues in it, and the accumulation of time will also cause the clogging of the spray nozzle and affect the spraying. Long-term use will also increase the friction of the mirror surface, which will easily leave slight scratches on the mirror surface when the wiper is cleaned.

2, what about car stickers

In summer, a thin layer of insulation film can play a big role, not only can resist the hot sun, but also insulate and prevent ultraviolet rays. Industry insiders pointed out that the heat insulation effect is one of the important reasons for consumers to choose the film. In addition, the light transmittance and UV index of the heat insulation film are what consumers must be concerned about. However, many consumers have many misunderstandings about the purchase of insulation film.

Car film in order to better protect the glass

Automotive insulation film is divided into front and rear windshield films and side windshield films. Among them, the front windshield is the most demanding for the heat insulation film. According to the traffic safety regulations of the Ministry of Public Security, the light transmittance of the front windshield must be greater than 70%, provided that it does not affect driving safety. The front windshield* should not stick to the dark-colored insulation film. In addition, when choosing the UV index of the heat insulation film, the higher the better, because it can protect the center console components and prevent premature aging by long-term sun exposure.

side windshield insulation film, the same premise does not affect the owner’s observation of the rearview mirror. The optional insulation film for the side windshield is more flexible, and the color is also more variable. If some car owners prefer blue tint to the sunscreen, etc.

In addition, the thermal insulation effect of the thermal insulation film has no direct relationship with the color depth. The coating process in the thermal insulation film is the key factor that determines the thermal insulation effect. The higher the heat insulation rate, the more reflective the light will be. Generally speaking, the insulation film with an insulation rate of 60% on the market is already a good product. If the product itself claims to have an insulation rate of up to 80% or even 90%, consumers will have an extra attention.

If a GPS navigator is installed in the car, the car owner should choose non-metal film products, because most of the explosion-proof films on the market are still metal films, which will indeed cause interference to GPS signals.

In addition, there is also a simple process for filming: spread towels on the instrument and keep it tidy-clean the glass-cut the film-shape the heat insulation film on the outer glass of the car window-according to the shape of the glass, cut the corners-clean the inner glass-formal Paste the film-roll out the water, blow the corners with a hair dryer-clean after cleaning. These steps are indispensable. If the effect of the film is not good, the car owner can ask the shop to rework, so that the car glass can get the best protection.

3. Cover glass insurance for your car

Separate glass breakage insurance, that is, the insurance company is responsible for compensating for the loss of a separate broken glass of the vehicle during use. The broken glass alone means that only the windshield and window glass (not including the lights and mirror glass) of the insured vehicle are damaged.

In addition, if you insure at the rate of imported glass, the insurance company will compensate at the price of imported glass. If you choose to insure at the rate of domestic glass, the insurance company will compensate at the price of domestic glass.

Purchase glass insurance for your car, which can effectively ensure the safety of the glass, and the owner can drive with confidence.

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