Obviously effective high-speed bearing oil-air lubrication

Bearings are widely used components in mechanical equipment, roughly divided into sliding bearings and rolling bearings, and their main function is to support shaft parts. Electric spindle bearings are mostly rolling bearings. During use, they need to be equipped with proper lubrication methods to make them fully effective.

The heating of the electric spindle bearing will affect the machining accuracy and machining efficiency. The electric spindle uses a built-in motor, and the heat dissipation effect is relatively poor. This requires dedicated cooling channels to dissipate heat. The heat comes from two sources: the built-in motor generates heat from rotation and the bearing friction generates heat. The use of oil-air lubrication can eliminate the impact of these two problems. Oil-air lubrication is a gas-liquid two-phase flow. On the one hand, compressed air can take away the heat generated by the rotation of the built-in motor and bearing friction; on the other hand, after the lubricating oil is delivered to the lubrication point, it provides uniform lubrication.

The viscosity of the lubricating oil also affects the temperature: at the same speed, the increase in the viscosity of the lubricating oil will increase the bearing temperature. Lubricants with different viscosities have different changes in bearing temperature. The temperature rise of high viscosity will be greater than that of low viscosity, and with the increase of spindle speed, the trend of temperature rise will become more and more obvious. In actual use, the oil consumption of bearing oil-air lubrication is very small, and only the amount of oil actually needed for bearing operation is needed.

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