Study and formulate regulations on counterfeiting auto parts

Study and formulate regulations and methods for the suppression of counterfeit and shoddy goods in auto parts. Strict purchase and sale disciplines have been made, and illegal operations and illegal competition methods are strictly prohibited. Our city’s auto parts distribution and marketing department has set up a full-time inspection team to maintain regular guidance, management, supervision, and inspection of the operation, taxation, prices, product quality, and spiritual civilization construction of auto parts distribution enterprises. Organize auto parts sales industry associations and establish self-management and restraint mechanisms. Establish a complaint and reporting system and incentives to encourage and mobilize the whole society to supervise the auto parts sales industry.

It is urgent to strengthen the inspection and supervision of auto parts products entering the market. In the 1960s, all provinces (cities, districts) auto parts companies had teams of varying sizes engaged in parts quality inspection. Although there were not many inspectors at that time, the scale was not large, the equipment was incomplete, the methods were backward, and the types of inspections were limited, but they played a great role in monitoring the quality of accessories. Of course, the number of manufacturers and business scales at that time is no longer the same as the number of auto parts manufacturers and distributors nowadays, and the system has also undergone great changes. However, this historically formed sales system for auto repair parts still serves as the main channel for national sales. Within this system, it is absolutely necessary and possible to establish a product quality supervision and inspection system. In order to reduce repeated inspections, save costs and labor, and solve practical problems, each province (city, district) auto parts company does not need to establish a set of inspection teams, and there is a set of inspection equipment for the same specifications and varieties nationwide to conduct an inspection. That’s it. For automotive parts and parts machining, PTJ Shop offers the highest degree of OEM service with a basis of 10+ years experience serving the automotive industry. Our automotive precision shop and experts deliver confidence. We have perfected the art of producing large component volumes with complete JIT reliability, backed by the quality and long-term reliability our customers expect.

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