The function of automobile spark plug and its purchase

I always hear maintenance people talking about spark plugs. What is the role of spark plugs? How long does it take to replace? How to choose a spark plug? What are the symptoms of a broken spark plug? This is a series of questions that some novice car owners* love to ask.

There are spark plugs on gasoline engines, one for each cylinder, and individual high-speed gasoline engines are equipped with two spark plugs per cylinder. Although the spark plug is a small part, it is extremely important. The function of the spark plug is to introduce the pulse high voltage electricity generated by the ignition coil into the combustion chamber, and use the electric spark generated by the electrode to ignite the mixture to complete the combustion.

1. How often do I need to change the spark plug?

Due to the different spark plug materials, the types of spark plugs can be divided into: ordinary copper core, yttrium gold, platinum, iridium, platinum-iridium alloy spark plugs, etc. These types of spark plugs have different service life and corresponding replacement mileage. Make a distinction when choosing.

Generally speaking, under normal use, the service life of ordinary copper core spark plugs is 30,000 kilometers, while the service life of precious metal spark plugs is 60,000 to 90,000 kilometers. The maintenance intervals specified by different car manufacturers are not exactly the same, so The specific replacement cycle should also be based on the standards set by the car manufacturer. Don’t extend it arbitrarily so that it needs to be replaced at the appropriate time.

If you find that the fuel consumption of the vehicle is increasing, you can consider whether to replace the spark plug. The general repair shop will recommend replacing it at 20,000 to 30,000 kilometers, because the spark plug is not completely damaged at this time, but the efficiency is reduced. In fact, this is determined by the quality of the spark plug. The ordinary spark plug can be replaced once for 40,000 kilometers, and the platinum and iridium can be replaced once for 60,000 to 80,000 kilometers. If you buy spark plugs on your own at Auto Parts City or e-commerce websites, it usually costs tens to 100 yuan. Then find a reliable repair shop for installation. Generally speaking, an installation fee of about 20 yuan will be charged. The installation process takes a short time, and you can generally check it yourself. This saves money and avoids the use of used spark plugs removed from other people’s cars by the black-hearted repair shop.

2. How to judge the spark plug is damaged?

1. Real vehicle inspection: * It is better to operate under the guidance of professionals. The owner’s knowledge of this kind of common sense is more for identifying the maintenance suggestions of professionals. * It is better not to do it yourself.

(1) Short circuit: Let the engine run at idle speed, use a screwdriver to short-circuit the spark plug cylinder by cylinder, and listen carefully to the changes in engine speed and noise. The changes in speed and noise are obvious, indicating that the spark plug is normal. When the speed and noise are not obvious, it indicates that the spark plug has been in an abnormal state.

(2) Sparkover: Unscrew the spark plug, place it on the cylinder block, and test the fire with a high-voltage line. If there is no spark or the spark is weak, it indicates that the spark plug is leaking or not working.

2. Observe the appearance and color: The car owner can learn this method, and the maintenance personnel can judge and inspect by themselves after disassembling the spark plug.

Remove the spark plug and observe, and judge the usage status of the spark plug according to the following appearance colors:

(1) If it is russet or rusty, it indicates that the spark plug is normal;

(2) If it is oily, it indicates that the spark plug gap is out of adjustment or the oil supply is too much, and the high-voltage line is short-circuited or disconnected;

(3) If it is smoky black, it indicates that the spark plug is wrongly selected for the hot and cold type or the mixture is thick, and the oil is running up;

(4) If there is a deposit between the tip and the electrode, when the deposit is oily, it proves that the engine oil in the cylinder has nothing to do with the spark plug; if the deposit is black, it means that the spark plug is carbonized and bypassed; if the deposit is gray, then Misfire caused by the additives in gasoline covering the electrodes;

(5) If the spark plug is severely ablated and there are scars, black lines, cracks, and electrode melting on the top, this indicates that the spark plug is damaged and must be replaced immediately.

3. How to choose spark plugs?

Spark plug, seemingly inconspicuous small parts, but its role can be said to be very large, and it is a wearing part, it needs to be replaced regularly. Due to cost control issues, automobile manufacturers may not choose spark plugs with the best performance, but they can ensure the normal operation of the vehicle. When the vehicle enters the maintenance link, it will be faced with the choice of a newer spark plug. At present, the most commonly seen spark plug brands on the market are: Bosch from Germany, Denso from Japan, NGK from Japan, AC Delco from the United States, Autolite from the United States and so on. Pay attention to check the spark plug comparison table of different brands of models when purchasing to avoid buying the wrong model.

Generally speaking, the price of spark plugs ranges from tens to 100 yuan, but it is necessary to buy genuine parts of well-known brands to avoid harmful damage to the engine. The following is a brief introduction to the spark plug brand:

1, Bosch: German imported spark plugs, mainly used in Xia, Flyer, Geely, Mazda, Vizi, Buick and other models, with strong corrosion resistance, strong ignition reliability, long life and other characteristics. NGK, spark plug imported from Japan, is mainly used in Bora, Passat, Teana, Brilliance, BYD, Beidouxing and other models. It has the characteristics of good insulation, good thermal conductivity, strong air tightness, and strong resistance to thermal shock.

2, DENSO, spark plugs imported from Japan, mainly used in Audi, Lexus, Crown, Coaster, Big Overlord, Sea Lion, Costa, Xiali, Bluebird, Excelle, Accord and other models, reliable ignition, complete specifications, and better sealing.

3, AC Deco, American imported spark plugs, mainly used in BMW, Porsche, Audi, Bentley, Regal, Chevrolet, Grace, Bluebird, Mitsubishi and other models, with strong corrosion resistance, heat resistance, strong oxidation resistance and other characteristics.

4. Autolite, the spark plug imported from the United States, is mainly used in Accord, Kopac, CRV, Odyssey, Fit, Toyota, Kia, Hyundai, Brilliance, Mitsubishi, Subaru, BYD, Great Wall and other models, with strong power, fuel consumption saving, long service life, etc. Features.

5, Eyquem, spark plugs imported from France, mainly used in Senna Senna, Picasso, Peugeot 307, Triumph, Chevrolet and other models, with reliable ignition, corrosion resistance, and good cost performance.

Of course, there are many high-performance spark plugs for retrofitting and upgrading vehicles on the market, and there are also some affordable domestic spark plug brands. Which one to choose depends on your own vehicle conditions.

Different models of spark plugs have different models, requirements, prices, and replacement cycles. Take our common models as an example: a brand new Santana spark plug is 56 yuan, Bosch brand, 4 spark plugs every 30,000 kilometers, a total of 224 yuan; Passat It is 126 yuan each, NGK brand, each time you need 4 replacements, the manufacturer recommends replacing it every 20,000 kilometers, totaling 504 yuan; Golf 6 is 70 yuan each, NGK brand, the manufacturer recommends replacing four every 30,000 kilometers, totaling 280 The number of spark plugs for the BMW 5 Series is about 254, and the Bosch brand is replaced by 4 for every 50,000 kilometers, and the total is 1019 yuan. The above example is to select models with different displacements and levels that everyone is more familiar with. The brands and prices involved here are all specified by the manufacturer. Car owners can also purchase by model according to their own needs in future maintenance.

Summary: In the process of daily use of the car, the spark plug should be maintained and replaced. Specifically, the “five taboos” should be implemented. Descaling freely and avoiding fire. This can extend the life of the spark plug and ensure the economical and safe operation of the engine.

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