The use of trace oil and gas lubrication can increase the service life of the saw blade

Compared with the traditional cutting fluid lubrication method, the sawing oil-air lubrication device has great advantages:

● The sawing machine no longer needs to add filtering facilities, which saves the initial investment.

There is no need to process the materials after oil-air lubrication, and you can directly enter the following types of work.

● The oil consumption of oil-air lubrication is very low, and the cost of lubricating oil is greatly reduced.

It will make the processing process clean and environmentally friendly, which is more conducive to the maintenance of the machine tool.

The surface of the workpiece is dry and can prevent rust without subsequent cleaning.

To increase the life of the saw blade, it is necessary to choose a more suitable lubrication method. The oil-air lubrication device has an undoubted effect in improving the lubrication effect and life of the saw blade. According to statistics, the oil-air lubrication greatly reduces the frequency of saw blade replacement in the use of sawing. The use of sawing oil-air lubrication saves maintenance costs, and the benefits it brings are far superior to the use of emulsion lubrication and cooling. Therefore, the use of sawing oil-air lubrication is undoubtedly an economical and reliable lubrication solution.

The sawing oil-air lubrication device is a consumable oil-air lubrication. In the lubrication method, the oil-air injection method is used to automatically apply a small amount of fine oil mixed with oil and gas to the saw blade. Because the amount of lubricant is small and it is directly sprayed on the edge of the saw blade, It can well lubricate the saw blade and is an economical and reliable lubrication method. The supply of lubricating oil is also usually intermittently supplied by the saw blade during the cutting process. There are two ways to adjust the amount of oil. One is to adjust the oil supply frequency and the pneumatic pulse generator to adjust the time interval. The second is to adjust the amount of oil supplied by a miniature lubrication pump.

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