Three essential maintenance for new cars

A. In order to protect the paint from damage during long-distance transportation, the car manufacturer will spray a layer of wax on the car body, which is called transportation protection wax. This layer of wax is completely different from the common car polishing wax. You should remove this layer of wax when you arrive at the destination and then sell it.
When using wax on a new car, pay special attention to choosing the right product. Improper selection can cause serious damage to the paint. Many car washes use kerosene to open the wax. Although the wax is opened, it also causes slight scratches on the paint. New vehicle transportation wax is divided into grease wax and resin wax. Grease wax * It is easy to use environmentally friendly wax water, extracted from orange peel. It has a powerful degreasing function and will not cause damage to the car paint. For resin transportation wax, you only need to buy a special bottle of “dewaxing” car wash. The price of wax for car wash varies according to the grade of the car, generally between 200-600 yuan; if you do it yourself, buy detergent, depending on the brand and dosage, the price is between 30 yuan and 160 yuan. 38831.comB New car paint protection New car paint protection is more important than waxing. Invisible hazards such as carbon black from car exhaust, debris in the air, acid rain, etc., start to oxidize the paint on the first day of the new car on the road. In order to prevent the beautiful car from turning into a “yellow-faced woman”, the new car paint protection needs to be waxed, but not ordinary wax.
There are two types of new car wax: one is called new car wax, and the other is called new car protection wax. These are two completely different waxes. A new car should use the new car protection wax first, and the new car wax can be used after the daily car wash. The unique function of the new car protection wax is super strong anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion functions. It can be applied once and generally lasts for a year. It will not be washed off in daily car washing. New car wax is a kind of soft wax, generally there is no polishing agent in it, and it cannot withstand the test of car washing. New car protective wax can choose invisible car jacket, 120 yuan, can be used more than a dozen times, each manual costs 20 to 30 yuan, you can also learn to use sponges.
C new car interior protection car interior generally has two materials, leather and chemical fiber. After getting the new car, it is best to do maintenance immediately. There are two polishes for leather, wax and resin. Wax can only be polished, not protective, and waterproof at best; resin-based leather polish emphasizes the protective function of the product, anti-wear, anti-ultraviolet, and anti-corrosive oil pollution. The protection of chemical fiber must distinguish between interior “cleaning agent” and interior “protective agent”, they are completely different products. Interior protective agents generally contain silicone resin, which can form a protective film on the surface of the fiber, so that the oil will not directly corrode the chemical fiber, and ultraviolet rays will not oxidize the interior material, causing it to fade and whiten.
Interior protective agent or cleaning protective agent, divided into velveteen cleaning agent, chemical fiber cleaning agent, leather cleaning agent, etc., the price is between fifty to sixty yuan, spray on the surface of chemical fiber, and wipe it with a dry towel. Please remember at this time and don’t forget the canopy above your head.

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