Winter tires are vulnerable

I was about to go to work early in the morning and found that the tire of the car was flat. Experts remind that in cold weather, don’t forget to take good care of your car while dressing and hating yourself, because the rubber of tires in winter will become hard and brittle, and it is easier to leak air and puncture tires than in other seasons.
According to relevant sources, the temperature in winter is low, and the rubber of the tires will become hard and brittle, making it easier to leak air and puncture tires. After the cold weather, more car owners come to them to replace tires. Many car owners don’t pay attention to the maintenance of their tires, which leads to serious tire wear. Once the tires are not easy to repair, they can only change the tires.
Regarding how to maintain car tires in winter, relevant people said that under normal weather, tire inflation pressure should be appropriately increased to reduce tire wear and consumption. Old tires should be inflated every half month, and new tires should be inflated every one and a half months; and In the event of rain or snow and slippery roads, the tires should be decompressed in time to increase the tire’s grip and ensure safe driving.
Special attention should be paid to the fact that if you restart after parking, because the tires are relatively rigid, you must drive at a lower speed for a period of time after starting, and then drive at normal speed. During the driving, you must avoid stones and bricks. Wait.

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