Alternate vehicles, transportation equipment and field work machine oil in all seasons adapt to changes in temperature


Foreign oil companies adopt tracking services for key users. Whenever the oil change period is approaching and users need to buy oil, they will test the oil for free in advance, issue an inspection report, and actively provide key users with a scientific basis for oil change. This kind of thoughtful service not only shortens the distance with users, but also improves the credibility of the brand.

The alternation of the four seasons requires the oil used in vehicles, transportation equipment and field work tools to adapt to changes in temperature, especially in the north. Lubricants of different viscosity grades are usually replaced at the end of autumn and spring, thus forming a peak season for lubricating oil sales. Foreign oil companies attach great importance to the promotional activities in these two seasons. In the autumn, they launched low pour point, low viscosity grades of multi-grade antifreeze and antifreeze, and accompanied the promotion activities to choose gifts that reflect the characteristics of winter; at the turn of spring and summer, they also promote high viscosity grade oils, and there are also optional gifts. Summer characteristics.

Lubricant is a product with high technical content. General users often don’t know the reason for their complicated technical performance, and they don’t know how to choose various brands. For this reason, foreign oil companies often adopt methods such as holding technical exchange meetings, distributing easy-to-understand oil user manuals, and returning visits to answer questions, etc., to conduct extensive and in-depth knowledge marketing.

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