Analysis on the matching of auto parts industry

China’s auto parts industry is highly fragmented, a single individual has little capital, and its competitiveness is weak. It cannot form a strong competitive advantage by itself. At present, China’s auto parts industry is still at a low level, with repeated fragmentation, low concentration, and single supporting facilities. Most of the auto parts companies only provide a complete set of auto parts, unable to form a large-scale production, can not effectively reduce the cost of enterprises. At the same time, the product structure of auto parts is unreasonable. There are too few high-tech products and high value-added products. They are mainly concentrated in labor-intensive low value-added products. The scale is small, the product types are more, and the level of specialization is low. Low production efficiency.

At 20°C to 40°C, the NOx mass fraction shows an upward trend. This is due to the decrease in the proportion of premixed combustion at the initial stage of combustion and the earlier occurrence of the highest explosion pressure. When the intake air temperature is from 40℃ to 50℃, the mass fraction of NOx shows a downward trend. This is due to the shortening of the combustion reaction time and the decrease of the maximum explosion pressure. In addition, the combustion avoids the top dead center and more combustion is concentrated in the downward phase of the piston. reason.

In summary, lowering the intake air temperature can effectively reduce soot and NOx emissions. Under the conditions of an intake pressure of 2.6MPa and an EGR rate of 0.3, the effects of different intake temperatures on the combustion of high-density and low-temperature diesel engines are studied, and it is concluded that the combustion mode of high-density and low-temperature diesel engines has greater advantages in achieving low emissions and high thermal efficiency. potential. Due to the low market access standards in China’s auto parts industry, more and more manufacturers have entered, which has led to a narrowing of the distance between price and cost. The specialization of technical equipment and labor organization has promoted the improvement of the efficiency of enterprises in the industrial cluster.

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