Common sense and precautions for car maintenance

①Air filter
The correct installation of the air filter can reduce the abrasion of parts such as the cylinder, piston and piston ring. Reminder: Generally, it is cleaned every 5000 kilometers, and the air filter must be replaced every 10000 kilometers.
②Oil filter
The correct installation of the oil filter can prevent impurities from mixing into the oil during the use of the internal combustion engine, and prevent the wear of moving parts and blockage of the oil circuit. Remind you: the oil filter must be replaced when changing the lubricating oil, otherwise the quality of the lubricating oil will be affected. The oil and oil filter replacement cycle is generally 5000 kilometers.
③Fuel filter
The correct installation of the fuel filter can prevent cylinder wear caused by impurities and moisture mixed in during gasoline storage, transportation and filling. Remind you: In order to ensure that the engine is running well, the replacement cycle of the fuel filter is generally 20,000 kilometers or 1 year. Special suggestion: “Three filters” must be maintained by professional maintenance personnel.
Motor oil tips:
The common engine oil grades on the market are SJ, SL, SM. Among them, SM is the highest grade of lubricating oil in gasoline engines. The technology used is the most advanced and the lubrication quality is the highest. The smaller the number before the viscosity label W, the better the fluidity of the oil. The larger the number after W, the better the protection performance at high temperature.

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