Does turning on the car’s air-conditioning and heating consume fuel?

In winter, there is a difference in temperature between morning and evening. When the temperature is colder at night, it is inevitable to turn on the car air conditioner to keep warm. Someone once asked whether turning on the car air conditioner would waste oil? Some people say no, because the refrigeration compressor of the air conditioner does not work, and the main energy consumed is the electric power of the electric fan, which is negligible. However, some people said that they would, and Master Sun, who was specially asked by the editor, asked him to explain it for us.

In fact, the person who said he was basically right, but not quite right. why? Now let me explain the relationship between heating air and fuel consumption.

The engine works normally and has certain requirements for the water temperature. Under normal engine operation, the water temperature is around 80°C to 95°C. If this temperature is not reached, the engine’s electronic injection system will increase the fuel injection volume and the idle speed will be relatively high. The heat of the heater comes from the water temperature. If the water temperature is not enough and the warm air is turned on or the warm air is turned on under the condition of long-term low-speed driving, it will cause the water temperature to drop or the temperature is not high enough, causing the idle speed to rise to accelerate the water temperature rise. High idle speed will increase fuel consumption. However, when the water temperature reaches the specified temperature and continues to operate at a high speed, the heating heat blown out by the heater at this time will no longer affect the normal operation of the engine.

Therefore, not all heaters do not consume fuel. Turning on the heater when driving at a low speed in the city or when the vehicle is just started will increase fuel consumption. Under high-speed driving conditions, it has almost no effect on fuel consumption!

In addition, the editor reminds: When the air-conditioning heating function is turned on, we usually use external circulation, that is, air intake from the outside of the car, and fresh air inside the car, but when the outside air is bad or a short time is required The internal circulation is used to achieve the ideal temperature in the car, that is to say, when the temperature inside the car is very different from the temperature outside the car, the internal circulation can be used in a short time, and the temperature inside the car can be adjusted quickly with the air conditioner.

internal circulation can improve the air conditioning effect, which is equivalent to reprocessing the indoor air, and the air conditioning effect is of course better. However, using the internal circulation for a long time will reduce the air quality in the car, which may make people feel dizzy. You should open the internal circulation for a while and use the external circulation for a few minutes to let fresh air into the car and improve the air quality. If the internal and external circulation switch of the air conditioner is a mechanical lever instead of a button, the lever can be placed in the middle of the internal and external circulation to allow an appropriate amount of outdoor air to enter, which can improve the air quality and improve the air conditioning effect. In addition, when the air conditioner is used for defrosting and defogging, it is effective to use the external circulation.

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