Doppy dual-channel micro-lubrication is economical and durable

Doppely takes it as its mission to lead the development of the lubrication industry in the direction of energy conservation and environmental protection. It is committed to the research and application of micro-lubrication in the field of mechanical processing and continuously launches new products in line with market needs. We have accumulated rich experience in the application of micro-lubrication in metal cutting, high-speed bearings, various common friction pairs and other fields. They are becoming a good helper for customers to reduce costs and increase efficiency and green manufacturing.

The Sipu concentric tube device is an economical dual-channel oil-gas lubrication device developed by Doppel according to the actual needs of customers. Customers can choose the corresponding components according to their own requirements. This model allows customers more flexibility and more autonomy in reducing device costs, improving use effects, and improving operations. The SP concentric tube device mainly includes the following functions:

1. Adjustable oil supply volume: The adjustment mode of the oil volume per unit time of the Sipu concentric tube device is the adjustment mode of frequency + single oil supply volume, and the unit time can be obtained after setting the oil supply frequency and the single oil supply volume,The amount of oil。 The oil output.

2. Quick response: The outstanding characteristic of the SP concentric tube device is quick response. In the specific application of oil-air lubrication, some occasions require quick response. The special structure (separate delivery of oil and gas) of the Sipu concentric tube device avoids the shortcomings of long response time, and its applications have also been expanded.

3. Flexible and light: The SP concentric tube device is small in size and can be used in a small space for installation.

4. Strong equipment stability: The device uses compressed air as the power source, with few moving parts, low maintenance, and strong stability.

With the increasing emphasis on lubrication, the lubrication equipment has also been continuously improved and innovated. It is Doppy’s direction to improve the practicability and efficiency of lubrication equipment. Doppy will also help more customers to make more efforts in cost reduction and green manufacturing.

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