Doppy oil and gas micro lubrication has obvious advantages

Oil-air lubrication is different from other traditional lubrication methods, and Doppel’s micro-air-air lubrication technology has obvious advantages.

Modular structure design, the number of lubrication points increases or decreases according to the actual situation.The amount of oil and gas can be supplied regularly and quantitatively, realizing on-demand supply and avoiding resource waste;

Oil-air lubrication can maintain the bearing position and friction position with continuous fresh lubricating oil input and reduce the temperature rise of the bearing. Tests have proved that at the same speed, the use of oil-air lubrication for spindle bearings of the same model and working conditions can reduce the temperature rise of the outer ring by 9℃~16℃ compared with oil mist lubrication. If the temperature rise of the bearing outer ring is kept the same, the oil-air lubrication is used Can increase bearing speed factor by more than 25%;

Oil-air lubrication has no or very little pollution to the environment.The compressed air is basically discharged through the bearing, which does not contain oil or contains very little oil, which is beneficial to the health of the operator;

Due to the continuous supply of fresh lubricating oil and the outflow of fresh air inside the bearing, it is difficult for foreign impurities to enter, and internal dirt is also easy to discharge, which can increase the service life of the bearing.

Oil-air lubrication is the continuous and accurate delivery of a small amount of lubricating oil to the electric spindle bearing, which has the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, and extremely high reliability.

It can be seen that Peifeng Doppel Micro-Oil-air Lubrication not only has unique and professional technical advantages, but also conforms to the spirit of resource-saving, environment-friendly, reasonable lubrication, and high-efficiency that China is currently advocating, and has broad development prospects.

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