Evaluating the oil change period of diesel engine oil no longer requires a great safety factor

Reduction of maintenance costs Due to the increase in labor and material costs, only maintenance costs can be reduced to reduce overall operating costs. The key is to extend the service cycle ESI (Extended Service Interval). Generally, the oil change period of lubricating oil is short. Therefore, it is necessary to extend the lubricating oil change. The oil period is the most important task, and it is also the most demanding. In the past 10 years, the typical diesel engine oil change period in the United States has been extended three times, mainly due to the following factors: (1) In recent years, diesel engine oil specifications have been rapidly improved. Take API specification as an example, it has been developed from APICF-4 specification to today’s APICH-4+ specification. High-quality diesel engine oil can extend the oil change period of diesel engine oil without any negative impact on engine durability. High-quality diesel engine oil should have high-quality base oil, and the amount of additives is also larger, and the test methods are more extensive. Although the price of high-quality diesel engine oil is higher, its high efficiency can reduce the overall operating cost. (2) Improved the understanding of the oil degradation process (UnderstandingOfTheOilDegradationProcess), and linked it to the specific operating conditions of the diesel engine. In the past, the diesel oil change period was usually obtained from time-consuming and expensive off-road tests. Due to the more accurate diesel engine oil degradation model, it is no longer necessary to evaluate the diesel oil change period without a large safety factor, and it can also be specific A certain operation process; the lubricant degradation model is the best way to produce the evaluation results in time, and has been successfully applied so far. (3) The improvement of diesel engine design and consumers’ awareness of proper maintenance of vehicles have greatly reduced the possibility of unconscious pollution of diesel engine oil or failure to replace it in time. In addition to the direct economic benefits brought about by the extension of the diesel oil change period, the flexible design and structure of modern high-tech diesel engines also saves a lot of labor and working time, resulting in greater indirect economic benefits.

The status quo and development trend of diesel engine oil, the status quo of diesel engine oil Since the birth of CD diesel engine oil in the 1950s, diesel engine oil has not changed much for more than 30 years. It was only in the 1970s that API, SAE and ASTM jointly formulated the C series of diesel engine oil standards by CRC and revised the Cat.1G method to Cat.1G2Y, which increased the severity of the test.

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