How to maintain tires in hot summer

In midsummer, the temperature is rising day by day. This season is equally difficult for cars. Because the car itself needs to dissipate a lot of heat during work, coupled with the high temperature outside, it will aggravate the aging of many rubber parts on the car, especially the tires. Many people are used to taking advantage of the loopholes, crossing the road instead of taking the zebra crossing and hurdling over the railings. Instead of queuing to buy things, they jump in line. In the maintenance of tires, car owners and friends must not take advantage of the loopholes, because a high-speed tire blowout is not a joke.

Summer tires should be used scientifically

1 The rubber surface of the tire is more prone to aging at high temperatures, and a puncture may occur in severe cases. Therefore, pay special attention to the air pressure for tires that have been used for a certain period of time. If you find that the tire wall is overheated and the air pressure is too high after driving at high speed for a period of time, you should stop and cool down immediately. But do not splash with cold water, let alone deflate, otherwise it will cause a puncture on the way and early damage to the tire.

2. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the inflation, and the filled air should not contain moisture and oil to prevent deterioration of the inner tube rubber.

3. Always clean up foreign objects in the tire tread grooves. If you find an iron nail pierced into the tire, do not rush to pull it out. You should immediately drive to a professional tire store for help.

4. The service life of tires stipulated by general manufacturers is 80,000 to 100,000 kilometers (or about 5 years), and there will be certain safety hazards for tires facing retirement.

5. Don't panic if a tire blows out at high speeds. The first step is to make yourself as calm as possible, and don't rush to the direction or slam on the brakes. Hold the steering wheel tightly with both hands, avoid sliding the car in neutral, step on the brakes slowly to reduce the speed evenly. After a tyre burst, the vehicle body will deviate. Don’t compete with the car’s inertia, try to keep the vehicle running in a straight line. After confirming safety, let the speed of the car slowly drop, erect a hazard warning sign at the rear of the car after stopping, and replace the spare tire immediately.

Summer tire maintenance must be careful

1 Tire rotation extends tire life. The front wheel of a car wears faster than the rear wheel because of the need to drive the steering wheel. Often when the front wheel pattern is polished, the rear wheel is fine. In order to prolong the service life of the tires and balance the wear conditions of the front and rear wheels, the tires should be rotated regularly. Experts suggest that front-wheel drive vehicles should be reversed diagonally every 8,000 kilometers to make the tires wear evenly.

2 Positioning and dynamic balance are indispensable. When replacing or installing tires and hubs, the positioning angle of the tires and the mass distribution of the hubs will change. *The direct impact is the uneven force on the tires. Some tires have serious local wear and tear, which can easily be caused by long-term driving or high-speed driving in summer. A puncture. To change the irregular wear of tires, four-wheel alignment and dynamic balance should be carried out on a regular basis.

3 Maintain normal tire pressure. The increase in tire pressure is mainly due to the expansion of the gas inside the tires, so it is a good choice to fill the tires with dry nitrogen in summer. Nitrogen is an inert gas with a low expansion coefficient and does not easily rise with the rise of ambient temperature. It can maintain normal tire pressure for a long time and greatly reduce the probability of tire blowouts. Practice has proved that nitrogen filling tires do not need to be supplemented for 50,000 kilometers, and dry nitrogen does not contain moisture, which will not cause oxidation of the tire rubber inner wall.

4 The spare tire of the car cannot be ignored. Once the tire fails, the spare tire carried with the car can be used. However, many car owners usually check the tires in place, but ignore the spare tires. It is only in an emergency that they find that the spare tire has insufficient air pressure, damaged valve cores, or has expired. Experts remind that the daily tire inspection should also include a spare tire.

There are ways to use tires

When choosing and using tires, it should be carried out in a scientific way, otherwise the service life of tires will be greatly reduced due to the influence of many factors.The notices are now announced as follows:


1. The tires should be kept away from heat sources, power generation equipment and ozone-generating places.

2. The tires should not be too close to oils, flammable materials and chemically corrosive products.

Air pressure:

1. The tires should be inflated according to the air pressure specified in the “Air Pressure Load Correspondence Table” specified in the national standard.

2. After the tires are inflated, check each part for air leaks, and repair them in time if any air leaks are found.

3. The internal pressure of the tire must be normal during use.When running or working for a long time, check the tire pressure regularly.

4. When parking for a long time, the front and rear axles must be erected.

5. If the air pressure is too high, the tires are easy to wear and burst; if the air pressure is too low, the tires are easy to deform and crush.

6. ​​When twin tires are installed in parallel, the inflation of the two tires should be the same, not one with high air pressure and the other with low air pressure.

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