How to prevent the coolant temperature from being too high in summer

In order to prevent the coolant temperature from being too high in summer, the following aspects should be paid attention to when using the car:

(1) Correct use of closed cooling system

Modern automobile engines all use a closed cooling system, the radiator cover is sealed, and an expansion tank is added. When the engine is working, the coolant vapor enters the expansion tank and flows back to the radiator after cooling, which can prevent a large amount of evaporation loss of the coolant and increase the boiling point temperature of the coolant. The cooling system should use high-quality coolant with anti-corrosion, anti-boiling, anti-freezing and anti-scaling, and it must be sealed during use in order to be effective.

(2) Keep the outside and inside of the cooling system clean

This is one of the important conditions for improving heat dissipation efficiency. When the outside of the radiator is stained with mud, oil, or the radiating fins are deformed due to collision, they will affect the passage of wind, and the heat dissipation effect of the radiator will be worse, causing the coolant temperature to be too high. Therefore, the radiator should be cleaned or repaired in time when this happens. In addition, the accumulation of scale, mud, sand or oil in the cooling system will affect the heat transfer of the coolant. Adding low-quality coolant or water will increase the scale of the cooling system, and the heat transfer capacity of scale is only one-tenth of that of metal, so the cooling effect will be worse. Therefore, the cooling system should be filled with high-quality coolant.

(3) Keep the amount of coolant sufficient. When the engine is cold, the coolant level should be between the *high and *low marks of the expansion tank (Figure 1). If the liquid level is lower than the *low mark of the expansion tank, Should be added in time. Note that the coolant in the expansion tank cannot be filled up, and there should be room for expansion.

(4) Keep the fan tape tension moderately

The fan tape is too loose, so that the speed of the water pump is too low, affecting the circulation of the coolant, and will accelerate the wear of the tape. However, if the tape is too tight, it will wear out the bearings of the water pump. In addition, there should be no oil stains on the tape. Therefore, the tension of the fan tape should be checked and adjusted regularly. When checking, press the middle of the tape with your thumb, as shown in Figure 2, with a force of about 98N. If the tape deflection is about 10-15mm, it indicates that the fan tape has a proper tension. Otherwise, adjustments should be made. When adjusting, you can move the position of the generator positioning bolt to change the tape tension, as shown in Figure 3. If you replace the fan tape with a new one, when testing the tension, the tape deflection is about 8-10mm.

(5) Avoid the engine working for a long time under heavy load. When the engine load is very heavy, it will cause the coolant temperature to be too high. For example, in some cars with low power, the owner increases the throttle in order to run faster, and in some cars, the air conditioner is operated for a long time in the summer, etc., all of which can easily cause the engine to “boil the pot”. Therefore, when the car needs high-power operation (such as climbing), in order to prevent the engine temperature from becoming too high, the low-speed gear should be changed in time to reduce the engine load.

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