Large-scale Rongtian coal mine equipment has its own advantages and disadvantages

  Large-scale Rongtian coal mine equipment selection and development of open-pit mining technology and equipment. A brief comparison of any mining technology currently used in various countries has its own advantages and disadvantages. Which mining technology to use depends on the occurrence conditions of the ore body, including the nature of the covering, the hardness, and the water content. A comprehensive comparison of factors such as the price of equipment in climatic conditions such as the size and the comprehensive benefits, the convenience of technical reliability management, etc., determines a plan with good economic benefits.

The single-bucket-one car solution has the advantages of low initial investment, convenient and flexible use, fast construction speed, small infrastructure, high work efficiency, and a wide range of applications. The main disadvantage is the high production cost, among which the high cost of automobile operation is the main factor. The weight of the car is about 42 of the total weight. The fuel is wasted, and the fuel consumption is high. The fuel cost is higher than the electricity. The price of spare parts and tires is higher than that of the car. It is generally believed that the transportation distance of automobiles should not be greater than that otherwise the production cost will be higher, and the shortcomings will be more obvious because of the coal price and equipment manufacturing capacity of our country. The main advantages of the continuous process plan: a bucket wheel excavator, a belt conveyor, and a dumper are the continuous production process, large capacity, high degree of automation, high work efficiency, and low production cost. The main disadvantage is that the scope of application is limited, the initial investment is high, and the control system is difficult. The bucket wheel is heavy in weight, large in size, difficult to design, and expensive in equipment. Compared with a single bucket electric shovel of the same capacity, the price is twice that of the latter. When the compressive strength of the material is greater, it is difficult to cut, and it is difficult to cut when it contains large pieces of gravel. Frozen sticking or bonding will cause a series of failures of the belt machine. If the water content is large, it is not easy to dry, it is not easy to walk, and it is easier to bond. Multiple equipments form a continuous operation line, and if any one of them fails, the whole line will be shut down, which is difficult to control automatically. Its ideal application condition is that the material is soft, does not contain water, and does not freeze. The semi-continuous process, the basic form is a single bucket, a mobile crusher, a belt conveyor, and a dumper. But there can be multiple ways of equipment coordination. The characteristic is that there is no need to use bucket wheels, or less use of cars. This solution overcomes the shortcomings of the above two processes, and has received increasing attention from various countries. At present, our country is only used for coal mining, not for stripping.

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