The target consumer groups of domestic lubricant companies should pay full attention to gas stations

Market target consumer groups Auto repair shops, oil change centers, specialty stores, and the vast rural oil market should be the target consumer groups of domestic lubricant companies. Especially for gas stations, more attention should be paid. Sinopec and PetroChina have more than 40,000 gas stations and a huge regional sales network for oil products. We should make full use of this advantage, clarify gas stations as the target group of lubricant consumption, and establish one-stop supporting services extensively to strive for a larger market. Share.

It cannot be ignored that original equipment manufacturers (ie OEMs) are generally large-scale enterprises with large-scale initial oil market potential. Sinopec and PetroChina should take advantage of their own large-scale image and financial advantages to cooperate with OEMs and related large oil companies or form strategic alliances to develop products with specifications that meet their requirements and supply them at a better price. This will not only occupy the OEM initial oil market, but also facilitate OEMs and related oil companies to recommend to their downstream users in order to fight for the service oil market.

Brand strategy market competition is mainly reflected in brand competition, and diamond brand marketing has become the mainstream of competition. Without a brand, a company or a product has no soul, character, or characteristic. Large foreign oil companies have used their brand effects to occupy 87% of the world’s lubricant market.

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