Although the sides of the side guards also press out the role of stiffeners

Improve the heat transfer performance of the radiator. Compared with the series-fin reinforced radiator, the tube band radiator has the following main features. Heat dissipation port 2. When the air resistance of the tube-belt radiator can be reduced but the heat transfer coefficient increases, the heat transfer performance of the two radiators is compared. The characteristic of the tube-belt radiator tube belt is called the enhanced series fin radiator.

The key element of the tube-belt radiator is the corrugated belt, which is sectioned or not sectioned into a certain angle during rolling. Of wrong mouth shutters. In this way, it is beneficial to thin the adhesion layer of the airflow boundary layer on the corrugated belt, which can greatly increase the heat release coefficient of the air side, thereby saving copper tube. Compared with the reinforced radiator, each section can save the bottom of the copper tube plate. Including the reinforcement plate, each section of tube-belt radiator saves copper masking material. If calculated in ton of market price, the cost per locomotive of the main models of Ziyang Diesel Locomotive Factory can be significantly reduced. Moreover, in the brazing of the cooling flat tube end and the tube sheet, the reinforcing plate plays the role of increasing the weld seam, thereby enhancing the strength of the brazing seam. The gas welding process is simple and the production efficiency is high. It is rolled by a wave machine, omitting the cumbersome process of punching fins and fins in the production of fin-type radiators, and it is very convenient to assemble the radiator cooling core. The tin-baking furnace for cooling the core brazing and the hanging tin machine for cooling the flat tube can be used in common with the series-fin radiator. In addition, the hob for rolling the corrugated belt and the matching rolling machine are durable and can be adapted to the series of variable-depth tube belt radiators.

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