Analysis on Several Control Systems of Motor Vehicle Monitoring and Management System

At present, domestic motor vehicle detection and management systems are divided into centralized control and distributed control according to the microcomputer control mode.

The centralized control system uses a master control machine to complete the registration of motor vehicles and the inspection of various items across the line, without a station control machine. The analog quantity, switch quantity and pulse signal of each station on the detection line are transformed and isolated directly into the person and the host. Therefore, the entire system structure is relatively simple, easy to install, debug and maintain, and the system cost is low. The main disadvantage of the centralized control system is the heavy task of the host, that is, to log in to the vehicle to be inspected, and to monitor the inspection situation of each station, the operator is often easy to ignore the other. In addition, the detection line is generally relatively long (the entire line is about 50 to 70 meters long), and the operator can only observe the detection conditions of each station at a relatively long distance. Once the detection is abnormal, it is difficult to find and deal with it nearby. In view of the above reasons, as well as the substantial reduction in computer prices, distributed measurement and control systems are currently used more frequently. The tasks of each microcomputer of this type of system are clear, the workload is relatively balanced, and it is easy to control the beat of the detection signal of each station to be sent to the nearest station computer, which improves the reliability of the system.

In some unexpected situations, the operator can manually operate the station machine. Therefore, the distributed measurement and control system is obviously superior to the centralized control system in terms of scope of application, scalability, maintainability, and resistance to single-point failure. The system consists of a log-in management machine, a server and 4 workstation computers to form a distributed measurement and control system. Moden hub (I-lzB) four-station machine, three-station machine, one-station machine for ordinary local telephone network Figure 2 In a small network, the Ethernet network is cheap, easy to install and maintain, and can meet the requirements of most customers. At present Use *widely. In the physical network topology of the LAN, the star structure has the characteristics of low cost, easy expansion, and easy fault isolation, so it is widely used. In addition to supporting network operating system WindowSNT, such as symmetric multi-processor, deep embedded security, preemptive multi-tasking and software fault-tolerant system (including striped sets with odd and even parity (including RAIDS), etc. In addition to advanced performance, it also provides a comprehensive Internet/Intranet solution. In particular, its industrial-grade stability, security and reliability brought by the NTFS file system are particularly necessary for the automatic detection line.

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