Change the lubricating oil when the temperature drops *important

The recent drop in temperature will lead to a decline in the controllability of various components of the car. Proper maintenance can improve the performance of the car and ensure driving safety.
Lubricating oil replacement *Important Lubricating oil replacement is the most important part, because after the weather changes, the viscosity of the lubricating oil will also change, which will aggravate the wear of the parts and cause the engine to be damaged to varying degrees. Moreover, the lubricating oil itself is divided into two types: winter and summer. Experts suggest that car owners should replace winter lubricating oil as soon as possible whether in Guangdong or in the north. In particular, the oil that has been used for a long time, the color is black, and the adhesion has deteriorated should be replaced to ensure that the engine starts and runs smoothly.
In addition, check the brake system. It is not uncommon to drive long distances. Therefore, it is not impossible to encounter rain and snow. Therefore, this is a key step in winter maintenance. For vehicles with pneumatic braking, the preload of the balance spring in the master cylinder should be adjusted reasonably. If the preload is too large, it will produce a “hard” feeling when braking. Such braking is prone to accidents on some slippery roads. If it is a hydraulically braked vehicle, pay attention to check the brake fluid, brake pipeline and each brake cylinder for leaks.
The tire should be replaced in good time. When the temperature is low, the rubber of the tire will become hard and relatively brittle, and the friction coefficient will be reduced. Therefore, the air pressure should not be too high when the tire is inflated, but not too low, otherwise it will shorten the life of the tire.
Experts also reminded you to frequently clean up the inclusions in the tire pattern in winter, try to avoid using tires that have been repaired more than once, and replace tires with larger wear and different brands and different patterns. The internal and external wear of tires are quite different. To ensure safety and reduce wear, tires should be changed regularly.

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