Elimination method of automobile steering pump noise

The steering pump is the power source for car steering. At present, major domestic models such as Jiefang, Dongfeng, Great Wall Pickup and Jinbei Bus all use vane-type power steering pumps. This kind of steering pump is equipped with a flow control valve and a safety valve. It is small in size, light in weight, and simple in system connection. The disadvantage is that it is noisy.

1: The main reason for the noise generated by the steering pump is the mixing of air in the system, especially in the suction area of ​​the hydraulic pump, because the pressure is low, it is easy to produce cavitation, that is, the volume of the bubble is compressed in the high pressure area, and the volume suddenly increases when it reaches the low pressure area. , Produce an explosion and form noise. Therefore, the oil inlet pipeline must be sealed reliably during installation to prevent the joint from loosening due to vibration; the sealing material must be very reliable, and there must be enough hydraulic oil in the oil tank.

2: The second cause of steering pump noise is the failure of the flow control valve, such as improper fit between the valve hole and the valve core, the valve hole is rough, the safety valve and the valve seat are dirty and not sealed, the gasket is not round or has gaps, etc. Both can cause noise. Especially when the control valve is working, the system pressure is transient, which makes the control valve spring fatigue deformation and failure, which will aggravate the noise. Therefore, check the use of the control valve, check whether the mating parts are worn or not, check whether the spring is invalid, and replace these parts if necessary.

3: The third cause of steering pump noise is mechanical vibration. Therefore, when installing the steering pump, ensure that the coaxiality error between the pump shaft and the main engine is less than 0.1mm, and the inclination is less than 30. The connecting pipe should not be too thin or long, and minimize the elbow to avoid liquid vortex. The speed of the steering pump should not be too high to avoid damage to the bearings.

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