Important measures to improve the performance of LPG public bus engines


The current layout of the radiator, fan and partition in the air intake compartment in the engine compartment is unreasonable. For example, there is a vortex in front of the radiator. L1 is not fully utilized, and the actual flow to the engine working area is very small, and the flow velocity is very low, resulting in poor convective heat transfer efficiency and poor heat dissipation in the engine compartment. In the improvement plan of the engine compartment layout, consider changing the orientation of components such as radiators and fans, changing the fan to face the engine body instead of the rear door, and removing the partition of the air inlet compartment in Zone A, which can effectively The high-speed air flow from the fan is used to improve the efficiency of convection heat transfer in the cabin and improve the heat dissipation performance of the cabin.

Using CFD and engineering heat transfer numerical analysis methods, the air flow vector diagram and the temperature distribution cloud map in the flow field in the engine compartment of a certain type of LPG gas bus are obtained, and the main high-temperature components in the engine compartment are analyzed based on the radiator. , Intercooler, engine block, turbocharger, etc., their heat is transferred to the outside of the engine compartment by the convection of air. The layout of various components in the engine compartment, especially the positions of various partitions and fans in the compartment, is one of the key factors that cause the heat dissipation characteristics of the engine compartment. Therefore, the engine compartment design based on automobile air heat transfer dynamics is one of the important measures to improve the performance of the LPG public bus engine.

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