Introduction to methods to extend vehicle life and mileage

Is car maintenance calculated based on the date of use, or based on the number of kilometers traveled? This is something that many car owners struggle with when the maintenance period is approaching. Everyone has different usage habits and different road conditions. It is difficult to set a fixed standard for the vehicle maintenance period. Car maintenance is usually measured by the number of kilometers used. It is more reasonable. In addition, the maintenance cycle of auto parts Keep in mind that cleverly combining the maintenance cycle and the number of kilometers traveled during maintenance is more conducive to prolonging the life of the vehicle.

Vehicle tires should be checked once a month

Only by maintaining the car in time, can we reduce wear, avoid breakdowns, and ensure performance. Fan Liangyin believes that car owners should pay attention to the appearance of vehicles such as car light bulbs and mirrors before starting the vehicle. If the car tire has signs of wear, the owner needs to check it carefully and check whether the tire has bulges, aging cracks, etc. The inspection of the tire is usually done once a month. If the vehicle is driving and you feel that the tire has collided with a foreign body, you need to inspect it immediately. When checking the tires, you should also check the car chassis for oil leakage. You can also check whether there are traces of oil leakage on the original parking ground after the vehicle is shifted. If there is, a comprehensive inspection and maintenance is required.

Important bolts are inspected every six months

In the process of car maintenance, you also need to pay attention to all aspects of details. Ordinary family cars are maintained every 3 months or 5000 kilometers. However, many car owners did not take into account the actual cost and did not maintain them on schedule. In this case, car owners need to pay more attention to the maintenance cycle of parts. For some drum hand brake shoe clearance and wheel brake wear, if the wear mark is reached, the brake shoe should be replaced, and the important bolts of the chassis should be fixed. Even if the distance traveled by the vehicle does not reach the number of maintenance kilometers, but more than half a year You should also check the maintenance period.

Idle vehicles are more prone to aging

Auto parts that have been idle for a long time will age faster. Idling a car can easily cause problems with the battery, as well as oxidation of the engine oil and aging of the rubber. Cars that have been idle for a long time should pay attention to checking the use of parts regularly.

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