Reasonable use of car air-conditioning in winter

Winter is coming soon. When we go out in the morning, there will be a lot of fog in the car. If we stay in the car a lot during the day, the car glass is also foggy. How should we defog? Today, the editor will tell you a little bit about it.
1. The use of car air conditioners in winter requires special maintenance: be careful of your air conditioner strikes.
Don't think that car air conditioners are only used in summer. In fact, it's the same in winter. Car air conditioners are used very frequently. In the cold winter, many people have the habit of turning on the heating as soon as they enter the car; in rainy days, the window glass of the car will fog, the simplest way is to turn on the air conditioner to eliminate it. There are many tricks in how to use the air conditioner correctly.
1. Take a long time to rest or sleep in a parked car with air-conditioning on.
Due to the well-sealed inside of the car, when the car is stopped, the cabin has poor ventilation. If the air conditioner is turned on at this time to rest or sleep, it is likely that the CO gas discharged from the engine will leak into the car and cause poisoning or even death.
2, pay attention to the operating sound of the air conditioner. If you hear abnormal noises when the air conditioner is running, such as metal collision, motor buzzing, shell vibration, etc., you should immediately shut down and check the cause.
3. Clean the air filter frequently, usually once every two or three weeks;
Frequent cleaning and regular replacement of air-conditioning filters can maintain good air-conditioning quality.
Under normal circumstances, the air-conditioning filter is cleaned every 5000 kilometers or 3 months (whichever comes first), and the air-conditioning filter is replaced every 20000 kilometers or 12 months (whichever comes first).
4. Protect the cooling fins of the condenser and evaporator.
The radiating fins of the condenser and evaporator are made of 0.15mm aluminum sheet inserted into the copper tube and then expanded. It will affect the heat dissipation effect of the air conditioner;
Clean the condenser frequently. After driving in the rain or on a muddy road, check the condenser fan for mud, sand and stones. If there is, clean it up in time. The owner of the Liangchehui auto beauty shop said that some car owners often use the water pipe to flush the condenser when using the air conditioner in summer. This is correct. Because the cleaning of the surface of the automobile condenser facilitates the dissipation of heat to the outside, regular cleaning of the condenser surface can greatly improve the cooling effect of the air conditioning system.
5. Protect the refrigeration system.
If the components or connecting pipes of the refrigeration system are damaged, the refrigerant will leak and the air conditioner will not be able to refrigerate;
Select the fuse wire correctly. Choose the specification of the fuse wire according to the rated current indicated in the product manual. If it is too large, it will not provide insurance. If it is too small, it will often fuse.
6. Prevent the electrical system from getting damp. The electrical system is prone to leakage when it is damp, so water should not enter the electrical system, especially during the rainy season, and more attention should be paid to moisture prevention.
2. Improper use of air conditioners in winter is very dangerous, teach you how to use air conditioners!
1. Raise the temperature in the car quickly.
When the car is just started, do not turn on the air-conditioning fan immediately. The reason is that the water temperature of the engine has not risen when the car is just started. At this time, turning on the air-conditioning will blow out the originally small amount of heat inside. You must know that no engine will have a suitable one. The problem of work, the temperature is too low or too high not only bad for the engine but also increase fuel consumption. The correct approach is to start the engine to warm up first, wait for the engine temperature indicator to reach the middle position, first turn on the heater and air conditioner, and set the air circulation to external circulation to let the cold air in the car discharge out of the car, and wait for 2-3 minutes After that, set the air circulation to internal circulation.
2. Use car air conditioner to defog.
Many car owners know that by pressing the window defogging button, cold wind will automatically blow to the windshield, which can quickly eliminate the fog on the car window. But sometimes, car owners will find that the fog has just disappeared and then reappeared after a while. In the face of this erratic fog, how should the car owner deal with it. At this time, the owner can turn on the warm air to defog, turn the air conditioner temperature adjustment button to the warm air direction, and the air conditioner direction button to the glass air outlet, then the hot air will blow directly to the front windshield, this defogging The method will not be as fast as the previous method. It usually lasts for about 1-2 minutes, but it will not repeatedly fog up because the hot air will dry the moisture on the glass.
3. How to prevent drying.
The heating inside the car should not be blown at the air outlet at first, so that it is easy to dry the skin;
Secondly, it is recommended to half-open the window to allow air to circulate;
You can use the on-board moisturizer in the car, and you can also put a wet towel in the car and spread it on the dashboard by using the soil method;
Also, drink more water and use less cosmetics. In addition, it is also recommended that when using the heating function in winter, users can turn the air conditioner into external circulation at intervals to let in fresh air from outside the car, which is good for the human body.
4. How many degrees should the air conditioning in the car be set in winter?
The most comfortable temperature for people is 20°C to 25°C. Above 28°C, people will feel hot and dry; while below 14°C, people will feel "cold". Therefore, the temperature in the car should be controlled between 18°C ​​and 25°C. Generally, the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car should be within 10℃.
Today when energy-saving is implemented throughout the country, the indoor temperature in winter should not be lower than 18 degrees, but how many degrees should it be in the car. Too hot or cold is not good for our health. If it is too hot, it is very cold outside the door of the car, and it is easy to catch a cold. If it is too cold, it will affect the safety of driving.
Summary: Correct car air conditioner maintenance can not only increase the service life of the air conditioner, but also keep the air conditioner system in good working condition. Therefore, the maintenance and maintenance of the air conditioner becomes a more important thing.

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