Research on Electrophoresis Coating of Locomotive Auxiliary Equipment

For products with high safety, such as a seat belt buckle that needs to move smoothly, the electrophoresis system with self-lubricating surface treatment can provide high lubricity and surface protection, improve the service life, such as the fastening of the seat after folding in the compartment Or positioning, seat belt buckles and other parts, most of the automotive fasteners are bolted by screw caps. The fasteners are made of steel and should have appropriate tensile strength, corrosion resistance and UV resistance. It is easy to assemble, and is long-term during use. Tightening, in order to meet the above requirements and be able to mass production, generally use rotary immersion barrel plating or basket plating electrophoresis, the production process uses simpler phosphating treatment, then electrophoresis, or zinc alloy electroplating plus passivation treatment, and then use Electrophoresis paint, after phosphating treatment, electrophoresis, the combination of two electrophoresis can be passed, the other option is to first plate the zinc alloy and passivate, then only one layer of electrophoresis is enough, especially pointed out, in any electroplating process The acid or cathodic treatment requires heat treatment to drive off the hydrogen contained in the substrate. Otherwise, the hydrogen contained will make the workpiece brittle and cause the fastener to burst in automobile use, causing fatal accidents. Often in the electroplating process A very thin layer of zinc is plated and then heat treated. In this case, the work piece has become brittle before the second layer is electroplated.

The use of anodic electrophoretic paint can avoid hydrogen embrittlement caused by heat treatment, thereby achieving anti-corrosion protection. Automobiles often need bright parts to improve their appearance. These parts are generally chrome-plated. In order to reduce the weight of the car body and consider environmental protection issues, the more More and more bright parts of the car body are replaced by aluminum alloys. Appropriately treated aluminum alloys, such as bright rolled aluminum sheets, are nearly chrome-plated in appearance. In order to maintain the long-term brightness of the aluminum alloy, the aluminum sulfate oxidation method is used. This kind of treatment cannot withstand the acid corrosion of various chemicals used in automobiles and acid rain. Due to the change of value, corrosion or aluminum oxidation and discoloration, especially aluminum oxidation after cold sealing treatment, if a thinner aluminum oxide layer is used, add Applying transparent electrophoretic paint as a seal can improve the protective performance of the aluminum oxide layer, and the electrophoretic paint layer can resist the erosion of various chemicals, which can retain the original (chrome plating) look and feel, and can reduce many electroplating processes. Do not use aluminum oxide, but directly use electrophoretic paint. For example, anodized electrophoretic paint is directly used on rolled aluminum sheets. Its appearance, corrosion resistance, hardness and heat resistance have been accepted by the automotive industry to replace chrome-plated parts. The current trend is ( Sand nickel matte) effect, especially the use of transparent or colored electrophoretic paint on interior parts and door handles. Conclusion Electrophoretic coating film can provide both decoration and functionality. There is a dedicated electrophoretic coating system for auto parts. Different metal substrates and requirements, electrophoretic paint systems are also different, high coverage cathode and anode electrophoresis systems, technology advances in the electrophoretic coating of auto parts.

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